Saturday, June 15, 2013

The 1st Anniversary of a Royal Restaurant : King Chef Seafood Restaurant

I practically grow up in Divisoria and during my younger years, I have to go all the way to Binondo in search of authentic Chinese meal. My love for Chinese cuisine could be trace back to my previous employers who let me get a taste of my first Chinese food.

I never thought that today I could be able to get a taste of authentic Chinese food not far away from my stall in Divisoria. Recently, together with some friends we were able to witness a celebration fit for royalty. Inside the Lucky China Town Mall is a restaurant that could be considered a venue for Alta and yet you could find it in a place close to the hearts of many, the Divisoria.
King Chef Seafood and Restaurant recently celebrated its first anniversary. King Chef Owner’s Mr. Michael Chan-Ang and Ms. Marites Apiado-Ang are two people who believe in good food, serving up a delicious and authentic variety of healthy dishes, dimsum and other excellent Chinese food. The sumptuous offerings they served are a result of the freshest ingredients and the finest herbs and spices that they imported from China.
The ambience at the King Chef Seafod Restaurant is more inviting than intimidating, so elegant, spacious and warm. The place is perfect for any occasions, whether it’s a wedding, reunions, get-together and other social events that you can think of where you want good food yet affordable.
The service crew also counts, with their smiles and happy moods, you will never be intimidated to call their attentions with your orders or little wishes that you want to be address. They treat you with outmost respect and value the time that spent in their restaurant.
King Chef Seafood Restaurant started just a few years back with their first branch but with the  quality of food, affordable price and a service fit for royalty, I’m sure that’s the reason why that their client and customers goes back again and again.

As for me, here are the list of the food that was served that fits a Queen and yet was served to your humble servant.
Assorted Cold Cuts Combination

Dumplins in Seafood Spinach Soup

Deep Fried Suahe with Salted Egg 

Stir Fried Kung Pao Chicken

Fried Spareribs with Eight Spices

Stuffed Eggplant in Japanese Sauce

Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce

Typhoon Shelter Crabs

Birthday Noodles
Almond Fish Gelatin
Mango Balls

Congratulations King Chef Seafood and Restaurant

King Chef is located at the 2nd floor of Lucky China Town
Reina Regente cor La Chamre St., Binondo Manila
Tel # 7208594/465765

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